About Karina Al Zu’bi

Karina, recognized her artistic abilities at a very young age. Her circumstances at home enabled her to develop her talents which were influenced by the beauty of her natural surroundings, the sounds of musical instruments played at her home, and her affection for yoga as well as the overall support and love given to her by her family.

Home to Karina had its limitations. Her dreams and aspirations went beyond borders and her environment encouraging her to travel the world from East to West to explore cultures and civilizations.  Karina’s heart and imagination were captivated by the mysteries of Dilmun leading her on a journey to unravel the origins of certain civilizations and dynasties which today are reflected in her art.


Fate landed Karina in Bahrain. Fascinated by its history, its mystical and magical beauty and the hospitality and kindness of its people Bahrain became her home, her family and her identity. Encouraged and supported by Qays H. Zu’bi, her husband, and her two children Sari and Layan, her artistic life flourished with the opening of her art studio, Paint & Palette Art Studio, early in 2018.


Today through her art and the environment facilitated by Bahrain,    Karina has been able to reach out to the world by participating in local and international art  exhibitions and creating her art center of excellence, Paint & Palette Art Studio.